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Staff Contacts

Rogers Ranch staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage.

Grade Level/ Area Name Email Address
Principal Megan Hamburgh
Assistant Principal Jessica Neill
Secretary Candy Barraza
Attendance Clerk Sabrina Manjarrez
Receptionist Karen Hernandez
Health Associate  Cynthia Brito
District Nurse Kimberly Christensen
Psychologist Dallen Bjerkness
School Resource Officer Officer Roman
Kindergarten Nicole Ainsa
Kindergarten Cynthia Fragozo
Kindergarten Kimberly Long
Kindergarten Larissa Jaquez
1st Grade Wandreka Grayson
1st Grade Michelle Silva
1st Grade Carley Toigo
1st Grade Denise Castillo
2nd Grade Caitlin Seay
2nd Grade Marcia Fuentes
2nd Grade Kristine Mortiz
2nd Grade Derrick Parks
3rd Grade Debra Castillo
3rd Grade Heather Morgan
3rd Grade Jazmin Madrid
3rd Grade Kristi Ohman
4th Grade Michelle Headley
4th Grade Carissa O’Riley co’
4th Grade Marin Hostetler
4th Grade Anna Rodriguez
5th Grade Trent Herring-Harman
5th Grade Jacquelyn Long
5th Grade Colleen Leary
5th Grade Sadie Redfern
6th Grade Cheyenne Hepworth
6th Grade Peter Stern
6th Grade Sylvia Vazquez
6th Grade Lezly Garcia
7th Grade Gabriel Zermeno
7th Grade Jason Gonzalez
7th Grade William Kolmel
7th Grade Miguel Martinez
8th Grade James Flowers
8th Grade Rayna Loring
8th Grade Lenell Ragland
8th Grade Christina Pineda
Art Savannah Lee
Band Kennent Sandoval Cervantes
Music Amber Shupe
Paxton Lab Terry Snow
PE Matthew Washburn
PE Hannah Wolfe
Gifted Faye Uttech
Self Contained Theresa Silva
Self Contained Andrea Perez
Self Contained Joni Peterson
Resource K-3 Jenner A
Resource 6-8 Morgan Dugi
Resource 4-5 Elizabeth Hernandez
Speech Courtney Steffa
Physical Therapy Carolyn Apfelbach